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We have put together a team of individuals who share the following qualities: They have empathy, they love languages, and especially have the will to help our students, in their studies, as much as possible. 

More than twenty lecturers are looking forward to seeing you

Our team of lecturers always tries to approach each student according to their individual needs.

Kateřina Hnilicová

My name is Kateřina and I come from Přerov. I teach German and have been involved in working with this beautiful language for over 20 years. The things I love about the German language are its clear structure and logic which is connected with it. I always like to laugh with my students, it’s really important for me to relieve you of the stress of the conversation and help you relax while learning. I like trail running as well as relaxing reading a good book or watching a film series (ideally in German), but most of all I like to spend time with my two sons.

Katarína Čelková

My name is Katarína and I am originally from Slovakia. I’ll help you with English over the phone. I’ve been nuts about this language for 26 years, including its business and medical form. I love working with my students, with me you don’t have to worry about wrong stepping sometimes, that’s absolutely normal with new languages. When I’m not helping you brush up on your English, I like to escape into nature or read an interesting book in English. I also love cooking and I also grow citrus fruits

Hana Bonczková

I’m Hana and I was born in Bohumín. I’m here to help you to polish the English I’ve been teaching for 17 years. I’ve been into English for a really long time, but it never ceases to amaze me. What I really love about teaching is seeing the progress of my students and enjoying every word and phrase they remember. I lived for several years in both Britain and America, and I enjoy their linguistic diversity. When I put the phone down, I like to go hiking, I like to sew and make jewelry, but my real love is my massage studio.

Zdeňka Bohdalová

My name is Zdenka and I am from Ústí nad Labem. I’m happy to help you learn German, because I’ve been working with this language for over 15 years, and I also spent a year in Germany. I enjoy working with people very much and that is why I am dedicated to teaching. I want to pass on as much useful information to my students as possible. My biggest hobby is preparing sauna ceremonies and aromatherapy, but after the sauna, I also like to relax with a good movie.

Lucie Zajíček Pawlowská

My name is Lucia and I live in Starý Bohumín. At Telf, you can talk to me in English, but also in French. I love English because of its practicality and international use. Regarding French, I love how beautifully this language sounds and how sublime it is. In my teaching, I like to pass on new experiences to my students and we enjoy even the smallest advances together. After work, I like to take a walk in the countryside, but I am also into dancing and gardening, as well as cooking good food.

Christoph Hohenstein

My name is Christoph and I come from Germany. I teach German which is also my native language. I know very well how difficult the German language can be, but together we will put our minds to it. I will help you break down all the constraints and anxiety that often accompany this language. If I am not having a German conversation with you over the phone at the moment, you’ll very likely going to meet me in the Czech Republic, where I love to go to football matches.

Joanna McKeogh

My name is Joanna and I’m from London. Together we can get down to English, which is my native language and I have been teaching it since 2011. I enjoy the history of English; I like to search for the origins of English vocabulary. The stories of my students are very important to me and I want to help them change their lives for the better. My biggest hobby is travelling, but I also like reading and museums.

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There are realists and dreamers among us, as well as among our students. We share values and methods and most importantly – we all strive to constantly improve.

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