Privacy Policy - Telf

Company is committed to protecting your personal data in compliance with the EU regulation 2016/679. Please read how we deal with your data. If we change our approach, we will inform you by mail.

Who has access to your data?

  • Urszula Kurzyszová, IN: 87833000 based in Písek 47, 73984.
  • Ing. Ondřej Labaj, IN: 10682210 based in Písek 47, 739 84
  • Teacher of your lessons

What data do we use?

With your consent, we use following data:

  • First name, surname, phone number, email, company address (identification number, tax identification number) or address of the private person whom the invoice is issued. These data are necessary to fulfil legal obligations and provide our lessons.

How are the data stored?

  • We only store data offline on the computer and in printed version (invoice).
  • For 5 years (invoice, order).

Your possibilities:

  • On demand, you can find out how we use your data.
  • You can request correction or deletion of these data.
  • You can request us to finish sending you email notifications about changes in our policy.
  • If you think that we do not deal with your data in compliance with the regulation, you can contact us or possibly the Office for Personal Data Protection (