Telf Podcast Episode 1 - Telf

Kersti and Lila - Episode 1

Telf English Podcast - What is hidden behind the mysterious scratches?

In this episode of the podcast, which recounts the life of Lila and Kersti, we take a look at the strange sounds that Lila hears from the kitchen at night. What is hidden behind the mysterious scratches? Is it a ghost, a thief or is our little friend unnecessarily afraid? Together we will find out what keeps Lila awake at night. But don’t worry! Everything ends well!






Go back to sleep. 


Yes Lila? 

I’m scared. 

There’s nothing to be scared of.  Close your eyes and go back to sleep. 


Lila, it’s two o’clock in the morning. 


Okay, why are you scared? 

I think there’s somebody in the house. 

Why do you think that? 


I don’t hear anything. 

Shhh. Listen. 

Lila, I think maybe it was a dream. 

No – I really think there is somebody in the house.  Or a ghost. 

Oh, Lila, I don’t think we have ghosts. 

How do you know?  Maybe we do. 

Well, I’ve lived in this house for a long time and I have never met a ghost. 

But I think there is….there….did you hear that?  It sounds like it’s coming from the kitchen. 

Lila, I think you are imagining things. 

No, I think there is somebody in the kitchen. 

Okay then. Let’s go downstairs and find out. 

No, I don’t want to go there.  What if there is somebody there? 

Well then we will tell them to get out. 

You can’t tell a ghost to get out, that will make it mad. 

Well, we can stay in bed and be scared and not sleep all night, or we can get up, tiptoe down to the kitchen and find out what is scaring you. 

Can I take Moonbeam? 


Yes, my guard bear. 

Oh, Moonbeam, sure – I have never met a teddy bear that takes up so much space in the bed as Moonbeam does – maybe she can stay in the kitchen and prepare breakfast while we catch up on sleep. 

I would never leave Moonbeam alone in the kitchen with a ghost. Who do you think I am? 

Lila, there are no ghosts in the kitchen, and besides, I don’t think teddy bears are scared of ghosts. 

Well, Moonbeam needs her sleep too. 

Okay, let’s all go downstairs, find out if there is somebody there, and then come back and get some sleep.  You take Moonbeam and I’ll take a flashlight. 

Can I take a flashlight too? 

Sure. Here you go. 

Okay.  Walk slowly.  We do not want to scare the ghost. 

Lila, there is no ghost… 


Anything is possible. 

And what will you do if we do find a ghost? 

Well, I would walk up to it and say, “Good Evening, how may I help you?  I live in this house, where do you live and why are you here?” 

And what if the ghost tells you it lives in this house too? 

Oh.  Is it possible for all of us to live here and be happy? 

Of course.  I suspect if we haven’t had any problems yet with a ghost, things should be okay. 

Hmm.  Okay.   

Mummy – I don’t feel as scared anymore, but we still need to be quiet. 

Come on.  Let’s keep going. 

Okay, one step at a time. 


Did you see that shadow? 

No Lila, I didn’t. 

I’m sure somebody or something just walked by the kitchen door.  Or jumped.  It was very quick.   

Whatever you say Lila. 

Do you hear that?  It sounds like drops of liquid. 

Hmm – I do hear something. 

And that… did you hear that thump? 

I did hear a little thump.  Oh – and look – there’s a shadow on the wall. 

What is that sound?  That low, constant, growling sound? 

Hmm.  I think I have a good idea of what it might be. 

Did you finish your milk before bed and put the glass in the sink like I asked you to? 

What does that have to do with anything? 

Did you? 


Aha.  I think I have a very good idea of what or who may be in our kitchen.  Are you ready to take a peek? 

No, yes, no…can you go first? 

Sure – you hide behind me and I’ll shine my light on the table where I think you might have left your glass of milk. 

Moonbeam, you hide behind me and be very quiet. 

I don’t even remember drinking milk before bed last night. 

Mmmhmm, really?  Well, let’s shine some light on this situation… 

Look who is enjoying your milk! 


He looks very guilty, but very content.  We could hear that purr half the way up the stairs DandyLion. 

Oh you silly kitty!  You had me terrified.  I thought you were a ghost. 

A very furry ghost full of milk and happy to jump around and play with the shadows. 

Hee hee.  Come on DandyLion.  Don’t you know that we should all be in bed right now? 

Well, cats are nocturnal. 

Don’t be silly Mum, he’s a domestic cat and has grown used to our lifestyle. 

Okay, that’s possible, but if I were a cat, I think I would love to explore the house at night, check for any mice, possibly find an abandoned glass of milk waiting for me on the kitchen table and scare away any ghosts. 

Well, I think it is time for us all to go back to bed.  Can I sleep with you Mum? 

You already were. 

Thanks Mum.  I’ll keep you warm.  And so will Moonbeam and DandyLion… 

Oh joy… 

Mummy, maybe we should get some surveillance cameras, or ghost detectors, or both… 

Lila, I think those are probably far too expensive for my budget and entirely unnecessary. 

If they’re not expensive, can we maybe get a camera or two? 

Lila, I don’t think they’re necessary. After all, we do have the best guard cat and guard teddy anyone could ask for.  And if we do have a ghost in the house, which I still think is impossible, or at the very least, improbable, I’m sure it is a friendly ghost that will also help to protect us. 

Okay Mum, if you say so. 

Now hop into bed and go to sleep!  It’s a school night. 

Okay.  Good night.  Sweet dreams.  I love you. 

I love you too.  Sweet dreams.  And push over a little – I have no space… 

Night night. 

There, that’s better.  Thank you. Night night. 

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